Who We Are?

Bathrooms have been the most important part of living spaces from past to present. Thanks to developing and advancing technologies day by day, bathrooms have become much more useful and ergonomic today. Bathroom accessories are the products that are required to make bathrooms more comfortable and more useful today We are the pioneers in this field with the bathroom accessories we produce. We produce bathroom accessories that are easy to use, aesthetic and hygienic for you. We would like to give information about who we are and what we do for you.

Why Bathroom Accessories Are Important?

Bathrooms are not just simple partitions made up of a few basic parts. Although shower systems and furniture are generally important, accessories are becoming much more important and necessary day by day. The accessories used in the bathroom makes the bathroom more functional and useful. From this point of view, accessories can create a completely different atmosphere in bathrooms both functionally and in terms of appearance.


It is also an important issue how the accessories produced in this area are used and how they look. Such positive sentences cannot be said for every accessory. We produce bathroom accessories to add a pleasant atmosphere to bathrooms and making them highly functional for consumers.

How We Make Bathroom Accessories So Effective?

We can easily say that we are a highly effective and self-confident team in the area of bathroom accessories, which are becoming widespread in bathrooms day by day. We are very confident about the quality of the products we produce because we use extremely high quality and functional materials at every stage of production. We produce our products within our own group companies. We attach great importance to R&D studies in order to produce innovative and forward-looking products always during the production phase. We increase our investments in this field each year. All the products we produce are made of brass material %100. We use our own facilities in both coating and assembly stages. In this way, we reduce our costs and increase our quality. We highly trust our products and offer you a 10-year warranty. We prove how effective and quality products we can produce with all the certificates and documents requested by this sector.

Our Production Network and Capacity

In our own production facilities, which is on an area of 5000 square meters in total, we have the capacity to produce 170,000 pieces of products per month for you. Every year, we allocate 5% of our annual turnover to R&D investments. In this way, we can make advanced and innovative designs constantly. As of 2021, our production capacity has reached 2 million units per year. We also provide OEM production to both national and international chains in Russia and Europe. In addition, we provide services to effective and important chain markets, companies known both in our country and internationally.


With our “New Face of Your Bathroom” slogan, we produce quality and functional bathroom accessories with perfect designs and meet your demands in this field. We are proud to be able to produce quality and functional bathroom accessories for you. By choosing us, you can make your bathroom look perfect and be functional.

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